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Thanks for the StimPlan™ support . . . this solution will help not only for this case, but for the future as well – Chevron

3D Complex Geology Modeling

StimPlan™ is equipped with the industry’s most rigorous fracture geometry modeling – A range of fracture geometry simulation options are available within StimPlan™, from quick look pseudo 3D methods to fully 3D gridded methods for more complex problems. The advanced fully 3D finite element simulation ensures that fracture geometry is rigorously modeled, giving more accurate geometry estimates, particularly in complex multi layered formations.

StimPlan™ Shale

StimPlan™ is a complete software solution for hydraulic fracture design, analysis and optimization. With its ability to model multi stage hydraulic fractures in horizontal wells, incorporate the effects of natural fractures, and visualize microseismic events, StimPlan™ is the solution for shale hydraulic fracture optimization.

Real Time Data Acquisition

StimPlan™ can be used for real-time data acquisition in multiple ways including the use of the pumping companies internet capabilities as well as creating a direct cable link with the monitoring computer. While StimPlan™ does not connect directly to pressure transducers and densitometers it can link with any monitoring computer writing ASCII files.

Frac-Pack Simulation

StimPlan™ features an option to couple the fracturing simulation with wellbore, gravel pack simulation. While this feature may not be necessary for most frac-pack completions there are certain cases where this feature can be very useful.

StimPlan™ V8

Shale focused features include:

  • Discrete Fracture Network Model
  • Microseismic Visualization
  • Stress Shadow Effect
  • Economics Optimization


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