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Hydraulic Fracturing Engineering and Software Solution, for Your Most Challenging Reservoirs.

Optimize your fracture spacing, pumping rates, fluids, and proppant. Whether you’re developing shales, tight gas, carbonates, deepwater or other assets, we can help you identify the right stimulation program for your unique geological environment. NSI Technologies’ team of experts have been involved in designing fractures in hundreds of geological environments around the world, helping its clients maximize their well productivity.

Whether you have performed a few or hundreds of fracture jobs, NSI Technologies can review your historical data to provide recommendations for further optimization of your stimulation program. If your well is underperforming, we may be able to identify and isolate the causes. If your well is producing 2x or 3x your expectations, we may be able to help you drive performance to 4x or 5x. If you have not had an independent assessment of your stimulation program performed, let our team of experts provide you with the confidence that you are truly maximizing your well performance.

NSI Technologies can provide you the design of an injection well program for your produced water and drill cuttings. With the increasing importance of managing your service costs and environmental footprint, we can help you engineer your injection program for your unique geological environment to reduce your risks and maximize your efficiency. NSI Technologies’ StimPlan™ software is uniquely capable of modeling the subsurface fluid flows, not only while you inject, but also afterwards.

If you are about to enter a new play, NSI Technologies can help you identify the risks and design a stimulation program before your frac crew runs the first fracture job. We can provide you with a blueprint for a fracture design customized to your unique geological environment. Our technology and engineering services can not only optimize your long term well performance, but also it can minimize your time and costs of progressing through the inherent learning curve involved with entering a new play.

Leverage the combined expertise of NSI’s team of engineers who, for decades, have advised the world’s major oil companies with their most difficult challenges. Whether you have a long term stimulation project you would like assistance with, or you would simply like NSI’s experts to provide emergency support when you run into an obstacle, NSI Technologies can be retained to help advise and assist your in-house team of engineers across their portfolio of projects. Our clients have found this support service particularly helpful because it couples a long term mentoring and training relationship with real world challenges and applications.

Obtain a better understanding of how natural and induced fractures behave. If you have microseismic data, NSI Technologies can help perform an analysis that combines your hydraulic fracturing data with your microseismic results to capture more insights from both. NSI Technologies’ StimPlan™ software uniquely allows the microseismic visualization to be overlaid on top of the simulated fracture geometry. For the first time, couple your intuition from the pre-frac simulation with the observed data from your microseismic survey.

Whether you operate in the Gulf of Mexico or another offshore environment around the world, minimize your environmental risks. NSI Technologies has performed industry-leading analysis characterizing the risks of underground blow-outs. If your well is shut in, learn the answers to such questions as: Will there be a fracture below your casing shoe? If so, where will the fluids migrate? Will hydrocarbons broach the mudline, and if so, how much time will you have before such an event could occur? Plan your well with the comfort of knowing that you have designed adequate contingencies to mitigate the severest of environmental risks.

NSI Technologies’ StimPlan™ software is the industry’s leading software for design frac-packs. NSI Technologies’ team of experts can help you design your frac-pack to optimize your well performance.

Groundwater Safety

NSI Technologies can help identify the risks of fracture fluids migrating out of the target zone. This is an important consideration not only to optimize your well performance, but also to minimize the environmental risks of fracture fluids communicating with groundwater aquifers. In certain geological environments, fluid flows and height growth continue even after the pump job is completed. Assess these environmental risks before you frac. Provide your internal and external constituencies with the engineering data and risk mitigation plans to avoid groundwater contamination.

NSI Technologies’ team of fracturing and geomechanics experts can help you design the optimal stimulation program for your most complex geothermal wells. With decades of relevant experience, our engineering team has advised on several projects, including a recent enhanced geothermal project funded by the US Department of Energy.

StimPlan™ V8

Shale focused features include:

  • Discrete Fracture Network Model
  • Microseismic Visualization
  • Stress Shadow Effect
  • Economics Optimization


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