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StimPlan™ V8


Run hydraulic fracturing simulation projects hundreds of times faster without taking any analysis shortcuts.

StimPlan™ V8 completely resets the paradigm of what can be accomplished with a true 3-D Hydraulic Fracturing Simulation model.

Whether on the Cloud, or on your machine, StimPlan™ V8 delivers.


Rum Multiple Pump Schedules

  • Perform multivariate analyses quickly and efficiently
  • Compare dozens of designs in a fraction of the time it previously took to perform a single simulation
  • Optimize the design of an upcoming completion or history match past treatments using parallel simulations for faster results
  • Fast enough to perform true 3-D optimizations on location using near real time data

Version 8 Advances & Addtions

  • Speed and Interface
    • Revolutionary speed increases; both local and in the cloud
    • Multi-cluster simulation and visualization
    • Interface Update – based on user feedback, improvements includes dynamic dialogs for more intuitive workflow

  • Sensitivity, Geology, Analysis
    • Sensitivity Studies – expanded batch capabilities for improved multivariate sensitivity studies and history matching
    • Shift Geological Layering – New input for geologic layering shifts allows for the creation of a new geologic model for each stage
    • Analyses –Spherical flow and improved type-curve analyses added to After Closure Analysis feature

  • Reservoir, 3D, Shale
    • Reservoir Simulation Compatibility – direct output of gridded fracture simulation results into reservoir simulators
    • StimPlan™ 3D Simulations – expanded finite element techniques for improved accuracy
    • StimPlan™ Shale – Discrete Fracture Network Reservoir Simulations create an improved simulation of the naturally fractured reservoir while Stage-to-Stage Interference inputs allow for stage-to-stage interference simulation

  • Expanded Help, Database, Mobile
    • Expanded Help Function – in software engineering help added
    • Improved Search Function and Auto-save
    • Database Overhaul – StimPlan™ V8 incorporates comprehensive, searchable databases for fluid, proppant, friction, and rock type data to enhance engineering workflow
    • StimPlan™ Mobile – enter, review and analyze data from your mobile device

You no longer have to sacrifice analytical rigor for speed.

True 3-D modeling of complex stratigraphic sequences that are present in almost every unconventional reservoir. StimPlan™ V8’s flexible, automated grid generation capability provides a more accurate and efficient representation of complex geology than other fixed-grid models. The many advances made to StimPlan™ V8’s processing engine, HIGHLY LAYERED AND SMALL GRID simulations will be completed many times faster than previous versions—putting StimPlan™ V8 in a class of its own.

True 3-D modeling of multi-cluster completions. Why rely on adjustment factors to guess what is happening with multi-cluster stages when you can now do a true 3-D multi-cluster simulation with StimPlan™ V8 in a fraction of the time? The adjustment “knobs” and other shortcuts, like oversized fixed grids, used in other models are not true to physics. Such shortcuts are only used because these other models do not have the ability to perform, fast and true 3-D simulations that is uniquely available with StimPlan™ V8.

Analytical Rigor For Speed

The more complex the simulations, the greater the time savings with new StimPlan™ V8 Cloud!

StimPlan™ V8 Cloud realizes the potential and competitive advantage of the cloud-based computing environment with several advances made to the core software, enabling HIGHLY LAYERED AND SMALL GRID simulations to be completed many times faster than previous versions.

LayerVertical Grid Size (ft)Number of Vertical GridsLateral Grid Size (ft)Number of Horizontal GridsPump Time (min)StimPlan™V7 Run Time (hours)StimPlan™V8 Run Time (hours)
Canada Case Study37864572297461340.700.12
Midland Case Study442500118400032095.42.970.43
East Texas Case Study841033147400016014763.08.40

Landing Depth (ft)Pump Rate per Cluster (bpm)Sand Valume per Cluster (klbs)

  • 6 landing depths
  • 12 Treatment designs
  • 72 simulations
  • less than 2 hours to complete all 72 simulations!

With StimPlan™ V8 Cloud, you get both simulation speed improvement, and the ability to run dozens of simulations simultaneously to radically reduce your total project time.

Propped Length and Maximum Fracture Height

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