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NSI’s Perforation Erosion (PEER) Consortium

A Collaborative Industry Effort to Advance Completions Performance
PEER Consortium Target Audience PEER Consortium Target Audience

NSI Technologies, LLC, is leading the effort to bring together Operators, Downhole Diagnostic Companies, and Service Companies with the objective of collaboratively advancing the industry’s understanding of perforation erosion, and ultimately how it impacts well performance.

PEER Consortium Focus Areas PEER Consortium Focus Areas

This collaborative industry project, named Perforation Erosion (PEER) Consortium, will collect downhole diagnostic datasets (downhole perf. imaging, fiber optic data, etc.) from the member companies, across multiple basins and resource plays to build a large study database. The study itself intends to not only focus on the perforations themselves, but also study physical processes upstream and downstream of the perforations.

In addition to creating a comprehensive field monitoring and diagnostics database, the PEER Consortium will also design and construct a large-scale testing apparatus to further investigate and verify findings related to proppant concentration variations amongst clusters/perforations, with the support of the Service Company members.

The project will be divided into three distinct phases, each scheduled to be one year in duration:

  • Phase I: Well Database Creation & Initial Numerical Model Buildout
  • Phase II: Field Diagnostic Integration, Experimental Testing & Model Validation
  • Phase III: Field Test Site & Software Integration

Upon successful project completion, the following deliverables will made available to the PEER Consortium member companies only:

  • Comprehensive Field Monitoring & Diagnostics Database
  • Unique State-of-the-art Perforation Erosion Surface Test Measurements
  • Empirical Correlations & Physics-Based Models (Validated with Experimental Field Testing)
  • Full Integration with StimPlan™ Frac Modeling Software

The project was officially launched in February 2022. The current level of industry support includes 6 operator companies and 7 service companies.

To learn more, please contact us at PEER@nsitech.com

StimPlan™ V8

Shale focused features include:

  • Discrete Fracture Network Model
  • Microseismic Visualization
  • Stress Shadow Effect
  • Economics Optimization


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