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Changes – StimPlan/E-StimPlan 6.10 SEPTEMBER 2011


  • Comprehensive input for Numerical Production Model – Historically, the Numerical Production model could simulate a range of xf values, for several different values of kfw (with all other values being fixed). For multi-fractured horizontal wells this was sometimes a significant restriction. Thus, the input was modified to allow multiple cases varying any variable.
  • Comprehensive Input For Numerical Production Model
  • Slant Hole Production Simulation – Ability to simulate production from an unstimulated, deviated well (i.e., slant hole)drilled through multiple formations. The extra flow area of the deviated well acts as a stimulation, and in some instances of moderate to high permeability formations, is compared to a near vertical well with small propped fracture treatments.
  • Slant Hole Production Simulation
  • Extensive New User Help – The “User Help” has been extensively upgraded (although this process is still ongoing). One major new feature is “pop-up” help items such as seen before. These will “pop-up” once per StimPlan session if the cursor is hovered over an input field (unless “pop-ups” are deactivated in the “Help” menu.
  • Extensive New User Help
  • Database Files – Greatly expanded fluid and proppant database files.

Analysis/Logs Modules

  • New Log Calculations “Logs” now includes calculations modules for generating an “Effective porosity log from Neutron/Density logs, and for generating both empirical (using laboratory porosity/permeability data) and theoretical permeability logs using effective porosity versus permeability correlations.
  • New Log Calculations


  • Water Fracs – Allowed input for a stress sensitive “Unpropped kfw”. This can be transferred to several sophisticated reservoir models for post-frac simulations of water fracs.
  • Stress Sensitive Propped (and Unpropped) Fracture Conductivity – When passing fracture data directly from E-StimPlan to the Numerical Reservoir Model, the Numerical Reservoir Model includes the effects of drawdown on conductivity reduction in the fracture.
  • Add an option to overlay an outline of the grid on the Contour Plot output.