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Changes – StimPlan/E-StimPlan 5.00/5.00A February 2002


  • Add ability to define layer properties (modulus, fluid loss, etc.) by “Name”. This is also used, for example, to shift the stress in all “My Formation Shale” layers, making it possible to change modulus, stress, etc. in several formation layers in unison.
  • Add Graphical “Log Style” input/edit functionality for all major geomechanical (stress, modulus, fluid loss, etc.) input parameters. Add input of one track of log data from LAS files.
  • Add ability to input geologic layering data via either TVD (traditional StimPlan I/O) of MD. Note that this is intended for “moderate” well deviation, and all calculations are still performed in TVD.
  • Add database facility for pipe friction for various fluids.
  • Add “Create New Dataset” input “Wizard” to assist with starting from scratch to create a new dataset.
  • Add ability to simulate future production for multiple-fractured horizontal wells.
  • Expanded list of “Units”, and added facilities for: a) user definition of UOM not included, and b) creating, saving, and recalling “sets” of UOM.


  • Added “Fully” Planar 3-D Fracture Geometry model. (IMPORTANT NOTE to Users: This is quite memory intensive, and 512MB is the absolute minimum required, with a recommendation of 768MB minimum!)
  • Added capability to simulate non-Darcy flow in gas wells (both matrix non-Darcy effects and non-Darcy flow effects in the propped fracture). Fracture Penetration (ft)
  • Add special Contour Plot buttons for switching between most commonly viewed “Contour variables”.

Analysis Module (Version 5.00A only)

  • Add option, when “Transferring” mini-frac net pressure data from Analysis to StimPlan for simulation history matching, to automatically “create” a pump schedule for the mini-frac.
  • Added “Comm Watch” module. This is an internal StimPlan module for monitoring the serial port and recording/plotting data in “real time”.
  • Add ability in all Analysis Plots to “Un-Zoom In Steps”. A “click” on the top-left “Zoom” symbol in any Analysis Plot will not revert to the default scales, but “backs up” to the previous “Zoom” scales.
  • Fix bug where user set scales (particularly for derivatives) were sometimes lost when changing from plot to plot.