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StimPlan Hydraulic Fracturing Software


Achieve unrivaled accuracy with
Stimplan TM fully 3D finite element simulation.

  • Stimplan™ is used by more than 60% of the world's largest oil producer.
  • Stimplan™ is used by almost half of the top 20 unconventional oil producer in the united state.
  • Our top 10 clients account for more than 3 trillion dollars in global revenue annually
  • Stimplan™ has more than 40 years contributing to the 100-billion-dollar hydraulic fracturing industry
  • Stimplan™ is used by the top oilfield service companies.

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Developed by fracturing industry expert and innovator Dr. Michael B. Smith. Stim Plan TM is the global leading software solution for hydraulic fracture design, analysis and optimization. Stimplan TM is known for having the industry's most rigorous geometry models, the most advanced 3D finite element simulation, and the most accurate result used by the world's largest oil and gas companies.

Maximize well performance and reduce well costs with Stimplan™

  • Avoid wasting stimulation dollars fracturing out of zone or into neighboring wells.
  • Optimize initiation point placement and treatment design to maximize return on completion costs
  • Use automated work flows and batch processing to rapidly screen stimulation designs and determine critical success factors
  • Improve fracturing effectiveness and efficiency by optimizing treatment design before testing them in the field
  • Apply variable gridding and per- stage geologic models to ensure your design maximizes stimulated reservoir volume and hydrocarbon recovery
  • Run stimplan Cloud Server to shorten run times, increase your productivity, and get to an optimum stimulation design more efficieatly

Maximize Well Performance

Version 8 Additions

  • Interface Overhaut – based on user feedback overhaut includes dynamic dialogs for improved intutive workflow
  • Sensitivity Studies- expanded batch capabilities for improved sensitivity studies
  • Shift Geologic Layering – New input allowing for geologic layering shifts allowing for the creation of a new geologic model for each stage
  • Analysis- Added spherical flow analysis and improved type curve analysis to After Closure Analysis feature
  • Reservoir Stimulation Compatiblity – direct output of gridded fracture stimulation results into reservoir simulators like well whiz, Halliburton's quicklook and CMG
  • StimPlan™ 3D Simulations – Expanded finite element techniques for improves accuracy

  • StimPlan™ Shale – Discrete Fracture Network Reservoir simulation create an improved simulation of the natural fractured reservoir while stage-to-stage interference inputs allow for stage-to-stage interference simulation.
  • Expanded Help Function- engineering help added (e.g., pre-frac test design) in addition to traditional StimPlan software help
  • Improved Search Function and Auto save
  • StimPlan™ Mobile – enter, review and analyze data from your mobile device
  • Cloud Server Option – cloud server option allows for improved simulation time however local server option is still available.

Version 8 Additions